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​I know many of you have  had high hopes for the start of 2016, but instead everything has backfired on you.    Well you are not alone.  Mercury has been retrograde and a few other planets have continued to party since New Years.    But the party is ending at this full moon on the 24th; the Full Wolf Moon, and it will be giving off "good" vibes .  
The Three of Pentacles goes right along with this full moon:   beginning things anew.  This full moon will open up the doors to be an apprentice to something new  - whether a job, an attitude, a habit...  your choice.  Those road blocks will start to fade away.  So if you feel as if you have been stuck in a rut, take a deep breath and slowly start to go forward again.  You should find the rest of January being much easier for you.  
<![CDATA[Intuitive Counseling]]>Mon, 18 Jan 2016 19:40:39 GMThttp://enchantedroseshop.weebly.com/blog/intuitive-counselingI have spent most of this month so far contemplating on my 2016 direction in life.  I adore my Etsy shop and helping people with their daily issues whether it is relationships, finance or just plain being happy and joyful every day.  Consequently, I have added a new blog to my life:  https://intuitivecounselorblog.wordpress.com/  and will most likely be spending a lot of time there.  So make sure that you follow me by putting your email in the follow section and you will get all my updates which will be more regular than here or anywhere else.  Blessings.
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I have been busy with tarot readings but wanted to bring you the good news regarding 2016.   2+0+1+6 adds up to the number 9.  This indicates that  this year is a year of completion.  In our case:  spiritual completion.  Therefore anything spiritual that you attempt this year will be in full completion.  (Spiritual   just indicating something you want to do.)  So what is stopping you?  And what better card to show up but THE SUN?
The sun is indicating that this year  you will have a fresh start .  Feel stuck somewhere?  Well start over and you will complete it this year as long as you focus and do the work.  This is not hard work; you just have to do it as quickly or as slowly as you want.    Want to learn to knit?  Well learn.  Want to learn to love yourself?   Well learn....   and my new self help - self love meditation is a great place to start.  But if my meditations are not for you, go wherever and find others or books or just talking with the Divine.  Whatever you wish to accomplish this year, now is the time.  


<![CDATA[Christmas Full Moon 12/25/15]]>Tue, 22 Dec 2015 18:03:33 GMThttp://enchantedroseshop.weebly.com/blog/christmas-full-moon-122515

​As we are all getting ready for Christmas 2015, so is the  astrological world with our last full moon of the year happening this Christmas night.    You may find yourself being pulled between family and your own needs.    And as the New Year approaches, many of you will be considering what change to make for  2016 that will make things better.    Hint:  think back to what you were doing July 26, 2015.  
The King of Pentacles is telling you that if you truly want to change and be more stable in your life physically,   emotionally, mentally and  spiritually... then now is the time.    It is time  to materialize your dreams into reality.   Be realistic; sit down and form a plan.   The next Christmas full moon doesn't happen until 2034.   So what are you waiting for?   

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​For those celebrating Christmas, this is the final weekend to shop.  You will find the energy  is chaotic causing moods to swing,  people to lack the necessary sleep and  anger to flair all in the holiday spirit.  Sounds sort of strange, doesn't it?    But that is what seems to happen .   It is also the week to go through all of our own emotions of failure, of family feuds, of family issues....
Before the chaos sets in, allow yourself time to breathe and remember the important things in life.  Don't cry over past issues as you see in the  Five of Cups, but rather remember the  spirit of the holidays.  Be grateful for all that you do have instead of resentful for what you don't have.   Remember the joyous times rather than the  angry times.  This is the time to mend those  broken spirits not only with others but also with yourself.    So take that deep breath and begin.     Enjoy this week and don't get caught up in the chaos . 
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​​With the holidays looming ahead of us and people rushing around, family matters popping up, gifts to purchase and more,  you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Unfortunately this time of year can bring out the worse in people.  So how to make sure that doesn't happen this week? 
Remember to take time out for yourself this week to meditate, take a walk, read a book .....    just something to get away from the hustle bustle of the frantic holiday energy all around.    If you feel life closing in on you and you have no way to "escape" at that moment, take a deep breathe and let the stress go out with the breath.  Otherwise you will begin to ignore your reality and end up being more surprised by events than you want to me.  Take time for yourself.
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So what is the new  moon bringing you?   This can be a time of shadows yet new beginnings.  So keep your eyes open as the Eight of Cups comes into the picture for you and don't miss any opportunity.     
This card often indicates that it is time to leave all bad situations behind and go forward without looking back.  As the new moon shadows away all that is not working in your life, you are ready to come back up those steps into a new life just as 2016 gets its' kick start in a few weeks.   

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​This month you may be feeling as if the world is out of control.  Well not really, just some miraculous planetary changes happening starting now.     Expect the unexpected.  

The Four of Wands is saying:  let's celebrate!
Even though this card is indicating celebration, don't jump the gun.  You may be feeling that creative push, or seeing a possible partner in a new  perspective or just feel impulsive.  These are all good but be aware that emotions are running high this week as well.  Before you act, think...    don't upset and anger others.  Do do expect a gift wrapped up in a unique package:  not something you are expecting.  So keep those eyes and ears open.  

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​As we enter into the month of December, we often find that we are already in a whirlwind that started with Thanksgiving or as many people refer to it:  the holiday season.  

The Empress is telling you that everything will work out just fine as long as you stay true to yourself.  Let's see how to do that: 
December can be a rocky month for many between purchasing presents for others, financial issues often,  traveling or having family come, emotions can run high...  but in the end The Empress is telling you that as long as you hold your head up high and stay to your morals , you will have a fantastic month.   Don't go overboard on your budget for presents, don't enter into arguments, stay-focused and remember who you are.   You will find the holiday season brings you only joy in this fashion.    Happy December!r chasing presents for others, financial issues often,  traveling or having family come, emotions can run high...  but in the end The Empress is telling you that as long as you hold your head up high and stay to your morals , you will have a fantastic month.   Don't go overboard on your budget for presents, don't enter into arguments, stay-focused and remember who you are.   You will find the holiday season brings you only joy in this fashion.    Happy December!